Dunbar Surget Merrill

1859 - Oct 30, 1898

Dunbar Surget Merrill, was born around 1859 to parents Ayres Phillips Merrill and Jane Surget in Adams County, Mississippi. Ayres was the United States Minister to Belgium between the years 1876 and 1877.

The name "Dunbar" comes from his maternal grandmother's, Eliza's, maiden name of the same.

In 1887, he married Charlotte Brandon Stanton, daughter of Aaron Stanton and Ella Brandon. The couple had four children; two of which lived to aduthood.

Dunbar and Charlotte produced two sons, Dunbar Merrill and Aaron Stanton Merrill, who were raised at Brandon Hall, and two daughters, Dorothy Nugent Merrill (born and died in 1893) and Elizabeth Elmina Brandon Merrill, who died at the age of 2 and is buried in Brandon Hall Cemetery.

1859 - Oct 30, 1898

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