Other Graves at Old Brandon Cemetery

The Mystery

There were a number of other graves at this site. One was obviously family, related in some way. Two just outside of the wrought-iron fence - the Pearson couple - are still a mystery.

There was also a very old brick tomb that had crumbled; it sat just behind the two graves outside of the fence.

I am still trying to figure out who some of these people are, and their relation to the Brandon family.

Elizabeth Elmina Brandon Merrill

Little Elizabeth lost her life at the tender age of two. What tragedy befell her is a puzzle I'm still trying to piece together.

In my searches, I found that the Brandon's had a number of children who survived and are obviously buried elsewhere having made families of their own. One of these was Elizabeth Elmina (known as "Ella").

Ella married Aaron Stanton in 1865, and they had four children; their eldest, Charlotte, married Dunbar Surget Merrill and produced two sons, Dunbar and Aaron, who were raised at Brandon Hall, and a daughter, Dorothy Nugent Merrill, who lived for only 3 months after her birth in July of 1893.

I have now been able to piece together that they also had a second daughter - Elizabeth Elmina Brandon Merrill, the ill-fated toddler we found buried here.

Since Elizabeth's life was so short there is nothing to find about her in ancestry records. I was, however, able to research what became of her two older brothers, Dunbar and Aaron.




Back of Headstone:

Born Feb. 23, 1892 Died Dec. 3, 1894,
From Her God Parents Aaron And Jane Vail

Ah' is not well that we should mourn with bitter tears her flight thus early from the Earth, for she is now a lovely blossom on the tree of life, blowing forever in God's paradise...

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Robert E. Lee Pearson

Husband of Grace Pearson; I have not been able to trace either of them back to the Brandon family. Why they are buried next to the Brandon cemetery, and in front of a ruined tomb still remain in question.

A 1930 U.S. Census lists Robert and Grace living with relatives (head of household is listed as Aubra Pearson {might be John M. Pearson, still researching}). His father, on other records I have found, is listed as James William Pearson (b. Apr 26, 1849 in Indiana) and his mother as Sarah (Mary) Ellen Arnold of England.



Aug 14, 1882 - Apr 20, 1961

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Grace E. Pearson

Wife of Robert Pearson, and buried next to him. I was able to find a 1930 U.S. Census record that shows an approximately 52 year-old Grace Pearson living in Greenville, Washington, Mississippi with Robert (aged approximately 47). She was listed as sister-in-law to the head of household, while Robert was listed as brother-in-law.



Jan 30, 1877 - Jan 30, 1961

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Unknown Grave

I have found nothing to give any indication who this old, crumbled, and ruined grave adjacent to, and just outside of, the Old Brandon Cemetery fence might have belonged to.

There is some speculation that it was the grave of at least one of the childrens' parents, as their final resting places have yet to be found.

I have also come up with what I call the Chew/Grayson Theory, based on information found on a pamphlet on Brandon Hall given to me by a surviving Brandon family member, in my attempts to discern who was once buried here.

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