Elizabeth "Betsy" Stanton Brandon

1793 - May 10, 1848

Betsy Stanton Brandon was born in Belfast, Ireland to parents Aaron Stanton and Varina James in 1793, one of 6 children born to the couple.

It is here, with the marriages of Betsy and her siblings, that we see the first merging of the Brandon family with those of the Stantons and the Winstons, a trend that would continue for generations to come.

Betsy was the second wife of Governor Gerard C. Brandon and the stepmother of the Brandon children's father, Gerard Brandon. Betsy and Gov. Brandon were married on Jul 12, 1824 and went on to have 8 children together. Betsy died, aged 55, on May 10, 1848 and was buried at her home on Columbian Springs Plantation. Her husband would follow her 2 years later.

Betsy's brother, William Stanton (b. 1790 - d. 1852) married Elizabeth Brandon (b. 1788 - d. 1852), sister of Governor Gerard Brandon. Their brother, David Stanton (b. 1812 - d. 1890), married Anne E. Winston (b. 1818 - d. 1898).

David Stanton and Anne E. Winston were the parents of Aaron "Tip" Stanton (b. 1840 - d. 1819), who married surviving Brandon child Ella Brandon, and Samuel Lanier Winston Stanton (b. 1842 - d. 1897), whose daughter, Carrie Stanton, would later marry surviving Brandon child James Brandon's son, Gerard Philip Brandon.