Charlotte Smith Hoggatt

1786/88 - Dec 24, 1836

Charlotte Smith Hoggatt, mother of our grieving mother, Charlotte Brandon, married Nathaniel Hoggatt on Jan 14, 1808 in Adams County, Mississippi. She was born in 1786 (or 1788) and was the daughter of Mary Thompson and Richard Philetus Smith of Natchez, Mississippi.

Charlotte died Dec 24, 1836 in Natchez, Mississippi.

Charlotte & Nathanial's Other Children

Besides Charlotte, Nathaniel and Charlotte had six other children. I list them because the names are very similar to Charlotte's own children's names and it would appear she named some of them after these siblings.

  • Anthony Hoggatt - b. 1808 d. 1852; married to Martha Ann Robards [aged 44 years]
  • Agnes Hoggatt - b. 1810 d. 1854; married to Richard S. Williams (both perished on the Steamship Arctic, which sunk on Sep 27, 1854) [aged 44 years]
  • Sarah Hoggatt - b. 1812 d. 1822 [aged 10 years]
  • Philip Hoggatt - b. 1813 d. 1819 [aged 6 years]
  • John Hoggatt - b. 1815 d. 1838 [aged 23 years]
  • Nathaniel Hoggatt - b. 1816 d. 1821 [aged 5 years]

Charlotte's Father

Richard Philetus Smith was born on Mar 22, 1760 in Hampden, Massachusetts and died in 1807 in Natchez, Mississippi. He married Mary Thompson in 1790 in Natchez, Mississippi, though records indicate the couple's daughters, Nancy and Charlotte, were born in 1784 and 1786, and Mary in approximately 1790.

Richard's parents were Rev. Jedediah Smith (Jan 33, 1726 in Hartford, Connecticut - Sep 25, 1776 in Natchez, Mississippi) and Sarah Cook (Mar 8, 1727 in Hartford, CN - 1800 in Natchez, Mississippi), who married in 1751.

Notes on Jedediah Smith were:

Generally appears in records as Philetus Smith. 1788 received a 500-arpent Spanish land grant; 1799 purchased 160 acres from Solom Wise of Natchez; sold to his brother William B. Smith 605 acres on St. Catherine's Creek (probably part of the original homestead), Natchez records Deed Book A, page 115. Brady gives death date as ca. 1809 [59] but a letter dated that year from Philander to Jedediah II in Massachusetts does not mention him, suggesting he was deceased and that Jedediah had already been informed of that fact. His will in the Adams Co. courthouse is dated 1807.

Charlotte's Mother

Mary Thompson was born on Oct 20, 1765 in South Carolina. It is all the information I have been able to find on her.

Charlotte's Siblings

Charlotte had a sister named Nancy Ann that was born in 1784 (she married in 1804 to John Routh).

One record indicated two other sisters, Mary and Sarah; only Sarah had dates associated with her: born "about 1790" in Natchez, Mississippi and died in 1838 in West Feliciana Parish, LA. Sarah married Samuel McCaleb Sep 12, 1809 and had seven children with him.