Updates to The Brandon Children Site

November 2008

On November 11, 2008, my mother, sister, and I made a return trip to Natchez, Mississippi, the Trace, and Brandon Hall Cemetery. New photos were taken and new information was found.

We also made a short stop at Natchez City Cemetery where were blessed to find a number of Brandon family graves. I am in the process of uploading all of this information and writing the pieces for this website and expect to be done by the end of the month. Please check back.

September 2007

Using information from a pamphlet provided to me by Brandon descendant, G.B.R., I wrote a piece on Brandon Hall itself.

My write-up provides, not only, a brief history of Brandon Hall, but lays out a timeline for the Brandon family concerning the births and deaths of their children. Due to this, I have also re-written all of the children's pages on this site with to include this new information: Margaret Brandon, Gerard Brandon, Anna Brandon, Philip Brandon, Agnes Brandon, Alice Brandon, Sarah Brandon, and Charlotte Peirce. I think the new information gives us a much deeper look into the lives of the Brandon family.

Also, from information garnered from this same pamphlet, I have proposed the Chew/Grayson Theory to explain the mysterious crumbled, brick tomb just outside the gate of Old Brandon Cemetery.

July 2007

Complete site re-design using layout, Aged Beauty, from Free CSS Templates. This should make the site more uniform, easily navigable, and faster to load.

July 2007 Brandon Hall Photos Found

Photos taken by Webshots contributors in 2005 show the inside and outside of the great home where the children were born, lived, and died. Please take time to view the galleries of patricem57 and rmhand1.

June 2007 looking for theresa c.

Theresa C. - you contacted me on MySpace via your daughter's profile. I am unable to respond to you through MySpace. I am, indeed, the person you are looking for. I am very anxious to get in touch with you and learn about the Pearsons. Please contact me at webmistress@thebrandonchildren.com.

January 2007 Update

This website can now be accessed at thebrandonchildren.com.